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Hydro Cleansing Limited is the UK’s leading Hydrodemolition providers, using ultrahigh pressure water jetting equipment (UHPWJ) to cut through or demolish concrete with extreme control and precision. It is a convenient way to remove damaged or unwanted concrete prior to renovation. When combined with Megatron the waste water and broken concrete can easily be removed during the process or can easily be back filled without the need for any further manual labour.


Concrete Removal
Our hydro demolition process is safe for operators and other site workers. Demolishing concrete this way ensures no damage to surrounding structures.

Safe and Effective Concrete Removal

Concrete Cutting
Hydro demolition is now regarded as the safest form of concrete cutting. It avoids hand-arm vibration and heavy lifting and substantially reduces the chance of injury.

Safety cut concrete away from pipes in trenches

Steel Recycling
It is often essential to retain the steel bar in place prior to re-pouring the concrete. This is achieved by setting the pressure to the correct level

Save money and time leave steel bar in situ

Steel Cutting
Our state of the art high pressure water jetting equipment is capable of cutting through steel plates and can cut through pillars made out of concrete and steel.

Cut away re-inforced concrete


Safe Concrete Removal

Concrete Removal

Concrete removal using our ultra-high pressure water jetting equipment can effectively remove damaged or unwanted concrete. Allowing you to be prepared for new concrete resurfacing process in a short space of time.

Hydro demolition is a much better alternative using only water compared to traditional methods such as jack hammering, concrete breaking or concrete drilling. It is an effective way to demolish concrete without damaging important building structures and steel substances beneath, leaving them ready for re-use.

Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is completed using the Hydro demolition process. Our ultra-high water pressure jetting equipment is used to remove deteriorated, broken or loose concrete from road surfaces, bridges and many other concrete surfaces.

Hydro demolition is a safe approach compared to traditional methods such as; Jack Hammering and Large-wheel saws. This is because it stops the exposure of hand-arm vibration and heavy lifting, it substantially reduces the high chance of injury to jetting operators.

Concrete cutting is also environmentally friendly as it does not cause dust pollution and reduces noise pollution. As a result of these Hydro-Demolition benefits, construction work can safely continue without interruptions and projects to be completed at a much faster and efficient rate, reducing overall costs and downtime.




Safety cut away damaged and unwanted concrete


Saving money and time by reusing Steel

Steel Recycling 

Another advantage of hydro demolition is that at a given pressure it allows just the concrete to be removed whilst the re-inforcing steel bar is retained in place. This system is often used on bridge supports and other hard to get at places where a small area of concrete has been damaged and it needs replacement. Keeping the re-inforcement in place saves time and money and assists in keeping the structural integrity during renovation.

Alternatively during demolition steel bar or steel frames can be saved for re-use elsewhere. This is particularly effective on smaller sites where previous structures need to be removed carefully in order to avoid damaging the environment.

Which ever system is required the structural engineers have both options on the table and can chose which is the most cost effective and correct for any particular project.

Steel Cutting 

A main advantage of using high pressure water jetting equipment to cut through steel is that it creates no hazardous sparks, dust when in contact with steel surface. This provides a safe environment for engineers to efficiently complete industrial projects.

Megatron uses Ultra high pressure water jetting machines that are safer and more efficient when compared to using traditional equipment, such as: metal laser cutters, water blasters, grinders or cut-off machines.

If you require Hydro demolition to cut metal or stainless steel, then look no further as Hydro Cleansing provides effecient water jet cutting services to get the job done.


Safely cut steel with water

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We are available 24/7 for emergency hydro-cleaning, covering the whole of South East England.

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